Patents are required to protect the unique features of such an innovative and unparalleled conception like that of SCD technology from unwarranted copying. The basic patent application was filed back in 2007 and is granted in numerous countries in America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Parallel to the development of the entire turbine technology, a great number of other patent applications have also been filed. These applications concern all the components: rotor blade, hub, gearbox, generator, hydraulics, control system and helicopter landing pad. All these applications do not rest with their German applications but have moved on further into the worldwide process of PCT application. Thus 16 patent families of SCD technology now cover together more than 100 nationalized patents or applications. This provides excellent protection of SCD core components in the main countries that today and also in future are interesting for the use of wind energy. The right of use of these patents will be granted to the licensee as part of a licensing agreement for the production of SCD so that the licensee has sole right to this technology in the area covered by this license.