A licence means the right of producing and selling the aerodyn engineering know-how. We offer licences for our SCD Technology for the following turbine sizes:

  • 3MW Onshore
  • 6MW Offshore
  • 8MW Offshore

As different options in terms of ambient conditions and IEC type classes are available not all configurations can be shown here. Meet us to learn more about it and to get a customized offer.

A licence provides the full development of the SCD Technology turbine in the form of purchasing, assembly and test documentation for the entire production process. Part of the licences are the entire manufacturing documentation set for generator, gearbox, converter and blade. With that knowledge the licence owner is independet from the market and can make its own make or buy decision to set up exactly a strategy that suits his needs. With these negoatiable marketing rights the turbines can be sold without any restrictions in the agreed market and furthermore without competing SCD licencees.

For the domestic chinese market first licences have been sold to one of the leading windpower companies in China -  Mingyang Wind Power. That emphasies the mature technology.

Now it is time for your market.