Onshore Family: 2.5 MW – 3.5 MW

The SCD onshore family includes the twoblade turbines for onshore and near shore and the three-blade turbine with a rotor diameter of 130 m for low-wind speed locations. All types are pitch-controlled turbines with the typical Super Compact Drive design.

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Offshore Family: 6.0 MW – 8.0 MW

The SCD offshore turbines are two-blade, pitch-controlled downwind turbines suitable for fixed and floating foundations. All turbines have a typhoon-proven design. Floating foundations can be used in water depths of 40 m (SCD nezzy) and 150 m (SCD deep float) and deeper. The 8 MW turbines for floating foundations have no yaw system because the whole system is self-adjusting to the wind direction.

Download Data Sheet SCD Offshore Family: 6.0 MW – 8.0 MW
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