Based on the first experiences of the innovative SCDnezzy technology the next development step is to increase the power rating.

2020: 2x 7.5 MW nezzy² 1:10 model in German waters
Plan: 2x 7.5 MW nezzy² in Chinese waters

nezzy² uses the same floating body, the self-aligning and anchoring system as the SCDnezzy concept.

Starting with one central tower, two led leaning steel towers with the turbines on the top are fixed by preloaded steel rods. The turbines are designed with a downwind rotor for self-adjustment. Furthermore, the downwind driven system requires no yaw bearing, yaw drives or yaw brakes as the wind turns the turbine into the wind direction.

Gathered experience from the SCDnezzy development, the omitted yaw system reduces the tower top weight and system inertia significantly. Combining the low tower top weight with the lift and drag optimized, lens shaped, guyed tower structure nezzy² improves the system integration principles.