TWIN ROTOR Significant benefit for nezzy²

Compared with one huge turbine the use of two turbines with the same energy yield has following advantages

  • Increase of height, weight, loads, costs and LcOE

More details see the brochure

DOWNWIND SYSTEM Logical solution for floating wind

The leeward arrangement of the two counter-rotating rotors causes the entire nezzy² system to track around the mooring point in the event of differences in wind speed.

Based on the wind vane principle, wind turbines offer the ability to transition to a low resistance state, resulting in the turbine steering with the wind direction. If the wind direction changes, the turbine behaves in such a way that it adapts to the wind direction. This effect results in reduced static yaw loads and improved rotor heading, resulting in increased energy yields. With nezzy², this effect is included in the system design, since the entire floating foundation is aligned in the direction of the wind. The second turbine supports this effect with double the supporting force and an additional lever arm to the central axis. During operation, the rotor blades rotate away from the tower structure; thereby mitigating the full load swept area and associated rotor thrust. The optimized tower structure minimizes the tower shadow effect. A turret mooring system allows for easy rotation around the mooring system.

More details see the brochure