MODULAR DESIGN Optimal adaption for all operational condition

The highly flexible nezzy² design approach is designed to meet the global challenges of the open sea. The following components can be easily modified for localized design and cost-effective wind farm layouts:

  • Variable turbine type and size
  • Variable tower length
  • Variable buoyancy
  • Variable foundation leg length

More information see the brochure

SERIES PRODUCTION Components for cost-efficient production

Optimized for series production, nezzy² offers unique manufacturing options for large quan-tities and short production time. Almost all system components are designed for time and cost-optimized production. 66 % (related to the weight) of the structure consists of concrete, which can be produced inexpensively and close to the construction site, ideally at the assembly site. Due to the low volume profile, concrete elements require less storage space than tall steel elements. Raw materials for a specific series production are available worldwide, can be stored and are inexpensive. The production process of the concrete parts is scalable, very flexible and easy to relocate. The remaining steel components are designed for semi-automated robotic welding processes to minimize manual labor. The tower base structure is mainly a tubular structure, while the tower cantilever is made of individual steel sheets that must be bent and welded to the final structure. Floaters consist of a supporting steel structure and a divisible GFRP shell. Guy ropes must be provided in a pre-commissioned condition before assembly begins.

More information and first produced parts see the brochure