CUTTING-EDGE-TECHNOLOGY Essential advantages of nezzy²

Driven by rising electricity and material costs, aerodyn engineering opted for a cost-reducing and highly innovative design path. The key design principle is to adopt low-cost and advanced tech-nology to obtain a competitive structure. For this effectiveness, the entire product life cycle has been considered, including design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning, installation, operation, maintenance, repair and disassembly of components and recycling.

  • 30% less RNA total weight for two turbines than one single turbine
  • No roll inclination due to torque compensation of counter rotating rotor
  • Low wind misalignment by using a coordinated rotor thrust controller
  • 2-4 % higher specific energy yield due twin rotor compression effect
  • Scalable foundation dimension for different sites and wave conditions
  • Excellent swim stability with low acceleration in all directions
  • Cost efficient mooring system by use of low drag components in air and water
  • Use of available and reliable proven turbine size 7-10 MW from different OEM’s
  • Suitable for water depths of only 40 m

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