ECOLOGICAL ADVANTAGES Significant benefits of nezzy²

  • no noise emissions from pile driving affect the marine environment, possibly causing irreparable damage
  • completely removing of the whole system (rammed piles stay partly inside the sea bed);
  • the floating foundation is separated from the anchoring system and towed to the dismantling port. The anchoring system can be completely removed so that the footprint is gone after deconstruction
  • no big installation ships required, installation only with small tug boats
  • The main material of the foundation is concrete, which produces only about 1/8 CO2 emissions compared to steel. Compared to steel, concrete is available worldwide, which means that the logistics involved in the material are reduced and the components can be produced close to the installation site. The key to the reduction is the use of high-strength concrete, which significantly reduces the cost of materials and thus CO2 emissions. Concrete is recyclable and can be used in new projects. Compared to conventional steel foundations, nezzy² can be used both economically and eco-logically, at locations with a water depth of 40 m and beyond. Looking at the entire life cycle, nezzy² offers significant advantages over other foundation types.

More information see the brochure