CONCEPT FEATURES Thinking out of the box

Driven by today’s hands-on experience to cut offshore costs significantly, nezzy² is a fully integrated system approach based on an inexpensive floating main body made of pre-casted and post-tensioned concrete elements. Key elements are:

  • Two Counter rotating rotors ➔ Balanced rolling moment
  • Downwind, self-aligning system ➔ No yaw system, reduced RNA weigh
  • Turbine interface flange for drive train integration ➔ different turbines applicable
  • Tower with aerodynamic shaped structure ➔ Low drag, low tower-blade interference and support of self-aligning
  • Pre-tensioned synthetic guy ropes for load transfer ➔ Reduced tower bending loads and weight
  • Foundation built from pre-casted, post tensioned concrete segments ➔ Cost-effective and time-saving series
  • Segmented ellipsoid GFRP floater ➔ Optimized buoyancy and low drag force
  • Turret Mooring System ➔ Easy disconnection of mooring
  • Synthetic mooring elements ➔ Mitigation of loads and costs

More details see the brochure