45 years of experience of
wind power pioneer Sönke Siegfriedsen

Already in 1978, during his studies of physical engineering at the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences, Sönke Siegfriedsen discovered his affinity for the utilization of wind power. At the end of 1978, he completed a specialized internship with the aircraft manufacturer Dornier by working on the design of a vertical axis wind turbine and learned the basics of industrial product development. In 1979 he completed his studies with the design, calculation and production of a two-bladed wind turbine with a diameter of 2.3 meters.

Sönke Siegfriedsen started his registered business on 1. July 1983, creating the company name aerodyn and the aerodyn-logo that was later registered in dozens of countries worldwide. In 1984 he pioneered the first complete development of a 25 kW wind turbine and testing it in the test field on the North Sea island of Pellworm. This first project provided extensive knowledge of the aerodynamic behavior, mechanical loads and the control technology of the turbine.

In 1986 Sönke Siegfriedsen founded aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH with two partners F. Frank and R. Müller. In the following 27 years, under the management of Sönke Siegfriedsen as sole managing director and majority shareholder, aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH has developted almost 30 types of wind turbines from 5 to 6,500 kW and worked for companies all over the world. These produce environmentally friendly electrical energy on all five continents with more than 50,000 turbines.

Parallel to these activities, Sönke Siegfriedsen founded aerodyn engineering gmbh in 1997 in order to manage his numerous inventions and the resulting patents and to develop and realize innovative concepts from them. For example, the pioneering SCD technology has been developed since 2008 and realized with a customer in China, with around 8,000 turbines of this type having been installed to date. Not without reason, Sönke Siegfriedsen has received various awards from renowned institutions for their manifold innovations.

Since 2014 aerodyn engineering drives the floating offshore wind technology with its nezzy² developments. The work carried out by its skilled engineering team includes the development of Innovative wind turbine concepts, structural dynamics and Ioad calculations, component design, component optimization, aerodynamic and structural rotor blade design, finite element analysis for cast, welded and fiber composite components, as well as the compilation of complete documentation for manufacturing and certification.